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Recently I did a reading for a client fresh out of college.  She wasn't quite sure what she wanted to do for a career and was thinking of going back to school.  


Our conversation:


Her:  "I'm going back to school to become a Vet Tech.  What do the cards tell me?"


Me:  "That this isn't the right move.  You already know what you want to do - why aren't you doing that?"


Her:  "Well, I want to open my own animal shelter.   I work for one now but I don't know.  A Vet Tech seems more practical...."


Me:  "...and wrong for you.  You're already on the right road, why are you trying to get off?"


We discussed after that action steps to understand what it would take to run an animal shelter - talking to her current Director, taking classes on non-profits and looking into the legalities of staff, volunteers, etc.


She left with an action plan and a renewed sense of purpose.  But it struck me - why do we get off the right road?  We can see the path, we know some of the steps and yet, we drive off into a ditch that we have to work to get out of when we were already making progress on the right road.


Much of it has to do with fear - fear of failure (or success), fear of disappointing others, fear of no money and many other fears.  We can always find a way to talk ourselves out of a dream.  


How do we overcome that?  Here are three ideas:


1)  The Practical Piece - make an action plan and WORK ON IT.  A boulder won't start to move without the first push.  The plan may change but at least you can see the work you're doing, what's ahead and what you've already accomplished.


2)  The Emotional Piece - Find supportive people in your life to encourage/mentor you.  There will always be someone that will have an opinion of what you should do.  Search out the encouraging ones, tune out the naysayers.


3)  The Dream Piece - Keep a reminder of your dream around you as much as you can.  Pictures, words, reminders, dream boards - whatever it is that will remind you of the road you are on.  It's important to keep motivated so prompt yourself as to why you are doing this work.


Anything worthwhile takes effort to make it happen.  Keep steady on the road and keep going!


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