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Strength.  It's an interesting word.  Sometimes when I hear this word, it conjures up the image of a body builder who can lift practically anything.  There is also another kind of strength and I think this is the one that is harder to find but stronger than the best bodybuilder.
It's the strength we have inside of us to handle situations that come our way.   We never know what we are capable of until we are faced with it but we surprise ourselves with will to tackle what we need to handle, no matter how tough it is.  Sometimes it's for a few days, sometimes it can stretch for years.  However, we manage to get up and face the day saying "I can do this."
Spirit gives us all the tools we need.  We just need to use them when needed.  What's really amazing is that we get our own special customer made tools because each of us and our experiences are unique.  This is why we have to be careful of comparing ourselves to others.  There really is no comparison, even if the situations are the same.  We can empathize, sympathize, support and speak about our experiences but at the end of the day, each situation will be reacted to in unique ways and totally specific to that person.
We have more resources than we realize.  We have great problem solving skills, strength, courage, humor and intelligence to walk through the fire.  And if we don't have all we need, we are smart enough to ask for help.   If we truly honor who we are and the gut feelings we have (our intuition), we'll be able to handle the challenges.  It's not easy or simple but it is possible to see the right road to follow.  Sometimes it's a case of just seeing what's right in front of us and taking action on it.
We have to stop being hard on ourselves and falling under the weight of the world.  Every day, when we pick ourselves up and fight, we say "I have the strength to keep going.  I have the strength to handle this.  I have the strength to handle anything."  Now, truly believe that.  If we tell ourselves this everyday, we'll get even stronger.  Watch what we can lift now!
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