Stronger Than That

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 Under: poetry
I should have seen that coming
but somehow I let my glasses get fogged
with a fuzzy full-of-supposed-dreams cloth.
Everyone else says they watched it happen,
popcorn in hand,
as the play by play is painted
by that fake smiling reporter
who thinks she knows my story.
Put through filter coming out
full of maybes and I thinks.
Doubt has an iron first
and it holds me lover tight.
Yeah, yeah, you told me so.
And I say so what?
Can you help me out?
Because I've disappeared again
and can't seem to push
this big brick wall off me.
My toes are sticking out
while my legs are getting crushed
by the eyes of the cluckers.
Everyone thinks they know.
Maybe they do.
Or maybe, there is more that I know.
My education is through the places
people are afraid to go,
in any lifetime.
I've lived there, breathed it in,
wrapped myself in the concrete
and bonded with those and mine.
I clawed up and out,
dirtying my fingers and cleaning my mind
while other waited with fear
and loosening the grip with fire and fumes.
It's possible, it always is.
Everyone loves a hero and
I am my own.
Tainted brings pretty colors
to my clothes and
I am still beautiful
without standing in the rain.
I don't need anything
to wash it away anymore;
I finally know
I'm stronger than that.

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