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John Lennon once sang “Instant Karma’s gonna get you…”   For years, people have said (usually when something bad happens in their lives), “Karma got me – what did I do?”

Karma gets blamed very easily for the bad things that happen in people’s lives but what about the good things?   What if situations are neither good nor bad – they just are?

One of the theories of Karma is that whatever you send out (energy, thoughts, ideas, etc) comes back - if you do good deeds and think good thoughts, good will come back to you.    If something bad has happened, then you think about all those things you have done to get this bad energy back.  But remember, everyone sees their experiences through their own minds and their own filters so how can anything be universally known as good or bad?

For example, say Brad breaks up with Angelina.  She would probably consider this breakup bad.  However, what if the relationship was not a healthy relationship?  What if was fraught with arguments, anxiety and all around unhappiness?  At the surface to her, their relationship ending would be bad.  But is it? 

Let’s break down this example further.  Since Brad left the relationship, he is seen as bad and Angelina is seen as good.  Brad broke Angelina’s heart!  He must be wrong!  Does one incident make someone good or bad?

But what if Brad’s intention was to stop the hurt for both of them?  His intention was to break the cycle of hurt and to move forward into a healthier relationship?  Is Brad still going to receive bad karma?  He is sending out pain, yes, but he is also sending out the energy that he wants more happiness for both of them. 

Unraveling situations then becomes more difficult to say it is good or bad, doesn’t it?

Why not look at it as things just are they way they are? Cycles start and stop, relationships do the same, people are born and die - these are all natural cycles of life.

How we handle these cycles – that is what generates the karma.  What do we take the situation presented to us? 

Let’s go back to Brad and Angelina.  Angelina decides that she hates Brad, she throw all his clothes out on the front lawn, writes all over the Brad’s car, calls all of Brad’s friends and tells them everything that Brad said about them and then call his job several times causing trouble.  Is it excusable for Angelina to act out because she is hurt?  Is that Brad’s karma to deal with her? 

What if Angelina lets Brad  have space to pack his things, tell their friends when they call that Brad has a new number and stops contact unless they have something that has to be worked out with the kids.  Angelina handles the situation with grace and dignity and she work on healing herself.   Isn’t this a more positive way to handle the situation for her sanity and growth?

Now let’s be honest, we handle situations probably somewhere in between the ranting and the saint.  But knowing this, by handling things with grace, dignity, kindness, compassion, humor and love sends out much higher vibration energy to the universe than hate, rage, sadness, anger, hurt and despair.  Remember, the energy that you show the universe is the energy that the universe returns to you. 

You have control over your karma by your day to day actions; don’t let it have control over you.

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