The Crossroads

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Sunday, November 11, 2012 Under: Articles

Driving has been a different experience for me lately.  I've been noticing a lot more instead of just having tunnel vision to my destination.  Taking a look around while waiting at a stop light can be quite eye opening.


As I was driving today, I pulled up to a four way intersection - the crossroads - and settled at the light.  I saw someone about to take a left and then, at the last minute, she decided to go straight.  I could see her brow squiggle, trying to figure out the best route to go.  "Ah," I thought, "that's a perfect metaphor for our own life's crossroads."


Driving through life, I know I've come to stop at many crossroads.  "Which way will I go?" I wonder.  Which way is the right path?  What if I go down the wrong road?  Or what if I've already driven down the wrong road - how do I go back?  


As we all move through those crossroads, we don't get the luxury of GPS or clear directions.  Sure, we have life experience and guidance from those who may or may not know better than us, but ultimately, we get to choose the path to our destination.  And sometimes, we may not even know our destination; we're traveling in a direction to see what happens.


Is it better to stay paralyzed at the crossroads being safe and not making a move?  We may not necessarily have someone putting pressure on us to make a decision but staying safe stops us in our tracks.  We sit, we wait, we try to see down each path and make decisions based on what we think we know or perceive.  The roads can twist and turn so we have to do our best to see based on limited perceptions and views.


What if whatever road we take is the right one?  In other words, just making a choice puts us in the driver's seat to move forward in our lives.  Sure, it might not turn out exactly the way we think but we can always adjust, make a detour, circle back and take a different road.  The crossroads will always be there; we don't just make one visit.  We may get drawn back to the same one to make different path choices.  


Crossroads are opportunities for us to make choices and to find our way.  It shows us that we can take a journey to a new place and discover new things about ourselves.  Be aware of what is happening around you because the Spirits will never let you travel too far down a path without direction. Life changes happen at the crossroads - they wouldn't appear without us being able to handle it.  Buckle up and enjoy the drive! 



~Copyright 2012, Mary D'Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~

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