The Forest

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Thursday, December 9, 2010 Under: poetry

I'm in the middle of it
right in the middle of it, I think
I can't really see
from where I am

It's dark, well, sort of
I see some light
but I can't really figure out
how I get out of here

I see different paths
but I can't see clearly
the trees are blocking my views
and making me confused

Maybe I should keep moving
get out of the middle of this
maybe I should follow the light
the light that I can barely see

So I move, at times it may be slow
I may need to sit against a tree to rest
it seems like I will never find my way
out of where I've put myself in

I keep moving, though
Voices help me find my way
the path is starting to clear
the trees aren't shading me as much

Ah, I've finally made it to the edge
I can see clearer now
my view is no longer blocked
I can finally see the forest

Copyright 2009-2010, Spiritualitygirl

In : poetry 

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