The Hermit Times

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This time of year usually makes me miss summer and the longer days.   I look forward to the Winter Solstice for us to gain a minute of light everyday.   With the sun setting around 4:30 in the afternoon and our nights getting longer, I think about how the darkness can affect us.  And by darkness, I don't mean anything that is evil or sinister.  It is actually an opportunity to look at things differently because our sight and reactions must be different when the stillness arrives.

There is a calm in the darkness.  While there is still hustle and bustle, there is a certain amount of unknown without the light.  We can only see so far and have to take things a little slower than we usually would.  It's an adjustment for us.  We need to adapt to new settings.

If you've ever seen a tarot deck, there is a card that illustrates this point perfectly.  It is the Major Arcana card "The Hermit".  Here is a picture of it:


The Hermit is on a journey but he can only see as far as the light he holds shows him.  Not all the information is clear or illuminated.  The Hermit has to rely on his own thoughts and feelings as he takes this journey.  It may be slow traveling but it is worth the effort.

While we are faced with those times of quiet and not being able to see as well as we usually do, it's a time to delve into the darkness and discover.  It doesn't need a lot of action - it actually can be very quiet reflections or meditation to understand what's going on within.  Each step can be a learning experience; we just can't rush it.  We must step with purpose and intention so we don't miss anything.

Take the stillness as an opportunity.  The light will come back stronger than ever if we take time to explore and appreciate the darkness and stillness around us.  Move with purpose and explore.  The discovery will be worth it.  Be the Hermit for a little while - watch your growth back into the light times.  

Remember, the darkness only lasts for so long.  As the Wheel of the Year turns, we are able to experience the balance of the seasons, including longer light times and longer dark times.  Adapting to each season gives us the knowledge and courage to thrive no matter whether the light rules or the darkness rules.  Be the Hermit for a little while - the growth and experience will be worth it.

~Copyright 2012, Mary D'Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~

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