The Juggler

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Under: poetry
Watch me juggle
I throw it up in the air
I have it under control
Seem to not have a care 
I'm making it happen
Always on the go
the balls keep flying
I have it in a flow 
More and more get added
the juggling moves faster
what if I drop one?
This could be a disaster 
Why do I keep this pace?
It seems I have to, right?
I'd love to put some down
it would make me light 
The wrench gets thrown
I lose all my grips
I'm out of control
my perfect flow has slipped 
The juggling has stopped
It's all scattered around
I have to pick up the pieces
I can't make a sound 
Are all of these mine?
What pieces belong to me?
Now that it's stopped
I can finally see 
I can't do it all
no matter how I try
It makes me so crazy
The pressure is too high 
I have to leave some behind
on the ground they will stay
I must find the balance
I'll solve it another day 
The revelation is clear
I can no longer juggle
One step at a time
I let go of the struggle
~Copyright 2014, Mary D'Alba/Spiritualitygirl~

In : poetry 

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