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Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, June 6, 2014 Under: Articles

I was having a discussion with a friend about emotions and handling stress that comes up on a day to day basis.   I've accepted stress is part of my life but I also realize it's my choice how to handle it.
I said to him, "Part of my journey is to be the Master of me, the Master of my emotions.  I am in control of how I handle what comes up in front of me."
This statement made me pause - what is the meaning of being a Master?  A Master is someone that is an expert and has a high level of skill.  He or she could have had a many teachers and studied for a long time.   It is a commitment to be dedicated to whatever craft they are studying.  A Master does not take what their chosen skills are lightly.  There is some sort of sacrifice and hard work involved.
We all have those things we are Masters at in our worlds.  For some it could be tangible - playing guitar, for example.   For others, it could be intangible - like problem solving.  It could be exercise, raising children, being a volunteer - anything that gives you passion and satisfaction when you are the Master in that moment.
One of the most important things that separates a Master from the rest is practice.  The Master is able to take the information and work with it.  He or she focuses on understanding, even blending, with the information or skill so it's second nature.  A Master makes it effortless while we may still be trying to figure out step one.
Whatever we are Masters at in life, we have opportunities every day to practice these skills.  Think of situations as a test drive or opportunity to see how well we're mastering these skills.  We may even be modeling or teaching for someone else to become a Master.
And, if we're not quite there yet, we can always take situations are reflect on how we can Master them.  This is part of the journey - seeing how we can grow.
You may not even know the skills you have - we are all Masters.  Consider what you are Mastering today when you make choices that transform, inspire and show courage.
Be proud of yourself, Master.

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