The Power of Prayer

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My Father has been battling Mesothelioma for the past several months.  October will be one year since he's been diagnosed and he's still fighting strong.
I am always amazed at the consideration of others when they ask, "Hey, how is your Dad doing?"  It warms me to know they are thinking of him. 
Lately, I've had people say to me, "I'll say a prayer for him, is that okay?"  
My reply is, "Of course!!  I'll take any prayers we can get."
So what is prayer?  What does it really mean?
Prayer is something that I learned very much in my Catholic upbringing.  I used to pray for anything and everything - prayer to pass a test, prayer to get into college, prayer for that boy to like me, prayers that my family would be protected and loved and much much more.  Prayer always seemed like a way to let the Powers know I was in need and asking for help.
As I've searched in my Spiritual life, my idea on prayer has expanded.  I believe it is part of positive intention.  I am speaking the words of my situation to whatever Deity I believe in.   The fact that the words are being spoken are powerful all in its own.  My mind links with those words; they are now a stronger reality to me.
Also, I believe that prayer is releasing the thoughts, desires, wishes, whatever it is, to the Universe.  There is a certain peace in knowing that I can let it go to my team (yes, I even call them my posse sometimes) to help me accomplish what I'm asking for or working towards.  
Prayer also doesn't have to be formal.  There have been many times I've talked to the Spirits in my car, walking down the street, sitting at dinner with someone, on the phone....many situations.  Prayer is free and can be in free form.  I call on many, many people on the other side - Ancestors, Saints, Gods, Goddesses, Angels - really whoever will listen.  I have that conversation and look for confirmation later.
Prayer is not restricted to a religion; the only restriction is our own mind and beliefs.  We place limitations of what prayer means because we may have been taught one way to do it.  However, prayer is a practice and like all spiritual practices, it is personal to the person.
I am not trying to preach here for people to encompass prayer in their lives.  If it's not for you, then of course, do what IS for you. 
What I find comfort in the most is that people have that moment when they say they'll pray for my Dad.  That is a prayer all in itself.  There is a positive thought released to the Universe for him.  Whether or not it works in the long run isn't important, at that moment, the thought of him is going from the person's lips to the Spirits' ears.  That alone is a blessing.
So try it sometime.  Talk to the Deities, your grandmother, your friends, the Archangels, whoever is in your mind at the moment.  Then let it go and get working on it.  Those thoughts can help the Divine Hand support your desire and quest for direction.  Let them know what you need and watch what can happen.
What do you think about prayer?  How do you pray?  Let me know at
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