The Ripples of Our Decisions

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One of my favorite movies is "Wanted" starring Angelina Jolie.  It's an action movie, very heavy on the action aspects.  It shows the transformation of one character, Wesley, as his life gets turned upside down when he learns, and ultimately embraces, who he truly is.  


There is a line from that movie that always sticks with me.   In explaining why Fox (Angelina Jolie) joins "The Fraternity" of Assassins, she says to Wesley, "We don't know how far the ripples of our decisions go."  


We think that all we do only affects us, our lives, and the people within our circle.  As we touch and interact with others, those experiences are carried forward and impact many other people, including people we don't even know.  Those mutual experiences can create lasting imprints on people within so many different levels; levels we may not truly realize.


When I do readings for people and bring them information through the Tarot, Psychic impressions or Mediumship (speaking with their Ancestors), it changes both of us.  I get a chance to connect with someone so deeply; I know it brings me to a new appreciation of him or her and the struggles faced.  I find many people are dealing with so many diverse aspects of life and their courage and strength amazes me.  I hope in return I am able to bring them knowledge, change, healing and peace.  Somehow this sacred interaction happens in a short period of time, usually within 30 minutes!  Our decisions on how we handle situations and our interactions with each other, can take place as quickly as in a moment.


If we consider the idea that we are all somehow connected - that our spirits and souls are intertwined on some level - what we decide to do will leave an imprint on the all, also known as the collective.   As one of my spiritual teachers used to say, it's like we are a candle, lighting another one's candle. They in turn light someone else's candle and so on.  One flame, our light, creates light in others, whether or not we directly lit that person's candle.  We have the potential to illuminate or extinguish someone's light; it's a big responsibility and opportunity to evaluate our own daily actions.


Today, in your travels, think about how what you do brings the light to others.  Holding a door for someone, smiling to a stranger on the street, offering a helpful hand or even sending a text can mean the world to someone.  Remember, what we think are small things can really add up to big things for others.  



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