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When working with my students, we talk about many things that they are going through in their spiritual development. 


One of the reoccurring things I hear is something that sounds like this - "I am at a standstill.  I can't hear/see/know Spirit like I used to.  It's really frustrating.  Maybe I'm not cut out for this."  Of course it's not true but when it happens, we wonder why all of a sudden, it seems like we've lost ground in all the work we've done.


This is something I've experienced myself.  I've done a ton of reading, taken a bunch of classes, worked with the information (daily) and then all of a sudden, it feels like a genie has come in and "POOF!"  It's gone.  It's like a full room has cleared out and I'm by myself.

So then the next question is - "Has Spirit just abandoned me?"  Not at all.

Why does this happen?  Well, one of the possibilities is that we have to integrate the information.  It's like we go through an internship all of a sudden.  Spirit is asking us to take the information we've learned and apply them to our lives.  After all, isn't that part of the learning - how we actually use it?

So we have moments where Spirit gets quiet.  But, I've learned as time as gone on that Spirit is never far.  They are like the parent that is watching their child play in the playground.  (I like to think of this as our Spiritual Playground.) We get to explore, have fun, run around, get out bearings and then they call us back to work with them again. 

They aren't far away, they're just watching.  And really, they may be talking to us in different ways - we could be getting signs, symbols, all kinds of other inklings.  Spirit in the meantime is asking us to rely on ourselves, what we've learned, what we know, to trust the inner guidance as we walk this path. 

While Spirit is our teacher, they are also our co-creator.  So eventually, we have to work with Spirit to make our lives what we want to be.  Our learning guides us to make our decisions and live our day to day.  After all, we have to walk the path in the constructs of our lives so integrating the Spirit in the "Mind, Body, Spirit" idea makes us understand the lessons even better.  Because if we can't live out the lessons, then we  just get information that does nothing but give us the ideas.  Living out the lessons really creates the understanding for us. 

We've chosen to be here at this time to learn lessons and grow our soul.  The only way we can do that is to actually experience life, not just learn about it.  This is why Spirit says "take a break from the learning, now go do the lesson."

Don't worry, they'll be back soon to teach us more.  We just get a chance to play in the Spiritual Playground for a while. 

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