The Spiritual Silent Treatment

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Saturday, December 4, 2010 Under: Articles

Have you ever had days where you feel "off" and can't connect with Spirit?  Do you feel like no one is listening?  Find out why Spirit gets quiet...  

So, it's like you can't get a dial tone while trying to contact Spirit.  Has Spirit changed its phone number and left no forwarding number?  How frustrated do you feel when you contact Spirit and you hear, feel or see *nothing*.  What is the answer?  Why isn't Spirit guiding you?  


"Hello - is anyone out there?"  ::echo::  


Absolutely!  Spirit is always around you and with you.  When Spirit gets quiet, there may be an explanation such as:  


Spirit may just be asking you to listen to your own voice.  As many books have said, the answers are all within us.  While Spiritual Guidance is amazing, maybe it's time to quiet ourselves for the answers.  However you can get quiet, maybe it's meditating or walking or even writing, find time to ask your own inner voice what the answer is to your quandary.  Spirit knows you have great judgment and it is okay for you to step out there on your own.  The answers will not only surprise you but they will be amazing!  


Spirit may be telling you that there is no answer at this time.  The situation may need to have some time to simmer or settle before any guidance is offered.  As frustrating as that may be, the Spiritual world has no comprehension of time.  The situation will eventually have a resolution, just maybe not as soon as you would like.  Spirit may be telling you that a move at this time may not be the best thing.  Could you emotions be getting the better of you?  Silence can bring peace of mind and clearer ideas.  


Spirit could be asking you to communicate in a different way.  Spirit may be challenging you to look at other ways to contact them.  It's not to hurt you but it's to help you grow.  Explore ways to communicate differently - try something that may not be your usual or comfortable way of communicating with Spirit.  If you do automatic writing and nothing comes, close your eyes and ask for a visual.  If you're used to working by yourself, ask someone else to work with you.  Group energy is amazing in communicating with Spirit.  Try something different - get another Spirit Communication tool in your tool box!  


Spirit wants you to always remember that they are with you.  Just because they aren't giving you all the answers you need does mean they are not supporting you.  Silence doesn't mean they are not with you - they just are asking you to look at the situation and yourself differently.  Soon, you'll see that you have grown from the "silent treatment".


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