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I had dinner with my cousin the other night.  It was so nice to catch up with her.  We have a wonderful relationship where we can talk, laugh and cry about anything.

Somewhere in our conversation, we started talking about the difference between jobs and our work.  Most people have a job.  This is something that we need to have to have to pay the bills.  It can be good or bad.  It could even be something we could be very good at day-to-day but chances are it's not what we really want to be doing for at least 8 hours a day.

Then there is our "work".  It's our mission in life.  Our work is what we have a passion for doing, what we dream of if "we had all the money in the world" and what we feel that we are being pulled or called to do.  It could be helping others, it could be selling hot dogs or it could be being a great mom or dad.  It could be anything that makes us feel like we've settled into our own unique spot in the world.

I know many people, though, who can't imagine doing their work or it being a huge part of their life.  I notice this with my clients when they tell me they are miserable at their job.  I'll say, "Well, what would you want to be doing?”  Many times people will tell me a well thought out dream but at the end say "But I can't make any money at that.”  

But what if that dream is the work?  How do we deny that?   It is the difference between having to do it and wanting to do it.  I'm not saying to quit a stable source of income with nothing building on the other side.  But then the question is - how do we get there?

It starts with building a bridge so we can cross over to the side of where we want to do.   Maybe one piece of the bridge is taking a class, maybe another piece is creating a plan or timeline, maybe yet another piece is finding someone who can be a mentor or guide through the process - a bridge can't be built with one piece of wood or stone.  It takes many materials and hard work to pull it together.  And it may take longer if you're working alone or have to stop production for a little while. 

Building this bridge from one side to the other may be a long process or it may happen overnight.   However, the most important thing when building this bridge is to know that you have to keep going and believe it will get done.  Without that, nothing else will matter.

The lessons or experiences that we go through help us learn our path and fine tune our work.  It may not be a straight path but at least we have found that road we are can travel.  If we take a detour, it's okay.  We will be guided back to the path, especially if we are denying it.  There is no denying who we are.

So what is our work?  There is something inside each and every one of us that tells us what it is.  If we deny it, we deny our core.  Instead of saying "What if" say "Why Not".  Our destiny and our work are in our hands.

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