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Tonight, myself and several wonderful mediums and psychics went to dinner.  While there, we got into a discussion with our waitress about mediumship and she had a concern that seems to be on the mind of a lot of people when discussing folks that have passed over.

She was afraid the spirit on the other side was mad at her.

While I don't want to give the specifics of the story, she was afraid that one particular person was going to be angry about a situation.  She was hesitant to get a reading because of this fear.

In my experience, this is rare.  Spirit wants you to do well, wants to encourage you and loves you.  Their personality stays intact (how else would you recognize them?) but the material and worldly possessions of this earth are no longer important to them.

In my experience, when someone comes through from the other side, they are giving loving advice.  They are not there to berate, scold or yell at those on earth.  They may be firm, but they're only trying to help.

I understand this fear.  After I had to have my dog Rocky put down because he was biting myself and my dad and just showed overall aggressive tendencies, even after training and diagnosis with our vet, I was worried he was mad at me. 

I had a mediumistic reading done and the person brought through Rocky.  I was crying as she relayed that he wasn't mad at me.  He was with me, loved me and wanted me to know he was okay and happy.  It was very peaceful and reassuring to know that he is well on the other side and he's still watching out for me.

Remember, Spirit can give you any information that they want to - you are the person that does something about it.  One of the most important things to remember in a reading is that you will most likely find reassurance and love when speaking to those on the other side.   And trust me, they want to talk to you!  You just have to listen.

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