Posted by Mary D'Alba on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 Under: poetry
Understanding it slips, it runs, it moves.
Ever flowing.
We fool ourselves into thinking it stops
with a kiss, with words, with sleep.
But it marches on.
We think we have so much,
best laid plans, ideas,
the "where do you see yourself in five years"
question.  Always questions.
And we keep time, waste time,
let it pass with bitter words and closed doors.
And yet, it keeps moving.
It discards our agendas, our wants,
our baggage and our wrist time keepers.
It doesn't care what we do with it.
It just does what it instinctively knows.
And we think we are the Master.
Time smiles...and keeps moving.
For time stands alone without us.
It says, "I'll see you later."
Now, then, forever - not a straight line.
Bend it to your will or be bent.
So don't be left behind 
with missing pieces of dreams and 
the tears of regretful pain.
Time waits for no one,
not even you.

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