Treasure of Life

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 Under: poetry

We often forget we are human
that we live lives of trials and tribulations
our souls don't have all the answers
our instruction manuals are not complete

So we learn by error and experience
we misstep and take victory walks
we hurt and we heal with our words
we cast out and draw in with one breath

But we are our own judges and juries
we sentence ourselves to years of pain and purgatory
trying to navigate through life
with chains around our feet and hearts

We are worse on ourselves than our fiercest enemies
we scream louder than the harshest voices
others transgressions are forgivable but not our own
and we sit with every moment, analyzing and dreaming

And yet, deep within, we find hope
we have it inside to fight against all those things -
the sadness, the mistakes, the judgment
we may even be surprised at our determination

no matter what, we have the spirit
of the warrior, the parent, the dreamer
we grab the treasures of life in our hands
and turn it into a beautiful jewel for ourselves

Copyright 2009-2011, Mary (Spiritualitygirl)

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