Trusting The Universe

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~One from the archives.  Enjoy!~


It's hard for me to trust, even the Universe.


I have been reading a lot of books lately about the Law of Attraction.  I've had my ups and downs with it.  There are days that I truly, deeply believe it.  And then...there are other times that I wish I never read these books and am ready to throw them off my balcony.


But today was an interesting day for the Law of Attraction.   I wonder if the Universe is trying to tell me to hang in there. 


Money is currently a struggle for me.  I didn't concentrate on my bank account and happened to overspend.  So I've asked the Universe to help me fill my bank account and bring some money to me.


I happened to go down to the Cafeteria at work to buy lunch (yep, I left mine of the counter this morning) and made a salad.  Usually, when I make a salad I load a whole bunch of veggies and I end up spending about $7 or $8. 


Well, when I walked over, I noticed the scale was displaying a whole bunch of dashes, which made me believe it wouldn't be right.  My salad was a full as it usually is so I figured I would say something if it came up wrong.  I put my salad up, and she rang up $2.86.  


"Um, I think this is incorrect," I said, "this is a heavy as it usually is and you rang up less."


 The cashier said, "Take it, it's what it rang up as."


Okay, so it's only $5 but when you're broke, it means a lot.  And maybe that seems like a little thing to you but, to me, it was the Universe helping me.  I thanked the Universe for helping me out.


Then I noticed when I figured out my bills that I wrote a bill down twice, which means I have a little breathing room now.  Not much, but enough that my checks won't bounce.


I have to trust the Universe is helping me out.  I sometimes think that Universe has forgotten about me but it's not the case.  I just have to tap into it. 


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