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Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, February 27, 2015 Under: Articles

Recently I had a client come to me about some problems in her life.  She felt things were stagnant, rough and she didn't see a direction.

Part of my job is to flush out solutions.  "What about this?"  I said.  "Well...." she countered with reasons as to why it wouldn't work.  "Okay, how about that?"  I countered.  "Well...." more reasons why it wouldn't work.

Now, I'm all about being realistic about what we're capable of but I also am one who believes we have to push past boundaries to create change, opportunities and victories.

I realized as we kept going back and forth that she did not really want solutions.  She wanted to vent about how things were and just get some sympathy.   I told her that when she was ready, she'd take some action but she was where she was right now and to try and stay positive.

People have to find their own way.  Action is taken when they are ready.  However, we also have to remember that if there is a huge rock in front of us blocking our way, pushing at it may not move it the first time we push but maybe it'll start to roll at the 100th push.

In other words, talking about it doesn't change it.  ACTION changes the issue laying in front of us.  Many times, I think excuses come up to solutions when we are afraid or down on ourselves.  We can't see how it could work so we abandon ship before we even fix the leak.

This may seem simple - "If you don't like something, change it."  Or it may not seem simple.  However, if we don't take any action at all, we stay in the same place.  Failure comes when we don't try.  Success comes when we move, we try, we create, we shift the energy into a place where it moves.  Stagnant energy can be harmful.  Movement creates momentum.

Sure, we may be tired, discouraged, aggravated, angry...many feelings that step in front of us when we're ready to move forward.  But they are just distractions.  How bad do we want the change?  How much are we willing to invest, sacrifice, develop and plain old try?

We don't know how to do it?  Ask or Google.  We feel unworthy?  Fake it until you make it, baby.  We have no money?  That may be right now - look for ways to create more (new job, creating a budget).  Anything and everything can be an obstacle.  However, nothing has to step in our way unless we let it.

It's time to make those changes we want.  If we focus for a period of time, make a plan and then work towards it, we'll find that rock that is not moving finally gets pushed out of the way and we can see the light.  Start by trying, even if it is just a little.  Any movement is good movement.

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