We All Shine

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, September 6, 2013 Under: poetry
The stars in the sky
shine down on all of us.
Not because we are rich or poor,
Not because of who we are,
Just because it's what they do.
The stars shine on us, brilliantly.
They all have their job,
just like us, to shine so bright.
Yes, they may not all look the same
but they know how to live their purpose.
It's not because they have to,
it's not because they were told to,
they were born to shine.
They do not know any other way to live
other than to just be.
Our mission is to shine, 
to be like the stars.
There is nothing extra we should do,
except be ourselves.
Our light can't be hidden,
even if we try. 
We take our place in the sky
and we give off our light.
We touch souls,
we bring joy and meaning,
we shine in all kinds of weather,
we shine no matter what happens.
Because that is our purpose.
We are born to just be.
We are born to shine.

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