We Know More Than We Think

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Thursday, June 7, 2012 Under: Articles

We are amazing people who can handle an amazing amount of information.  Our brains are built to sort, collect, categorize and, if necessary, discard information. 


There are times that we don't realize what we know.  For example, I was having a discussion with someone about her knowledge of tarot cards.  She told me that she didn't really know them well and she especially didn't know how to do multiple card readings.


So while we were talking, I asked gave her two cards and asked her to read them together.  Each time, she got it right.  I may have provided a little more depth but she knew the cards and how to read more than one.


I could tell as I first spoke with her she was afraid to try it out.  What if she looked stupid?  What if I reacted badly?  What if she really wasn't cut out to read the cards?  


However, what she didn't consider was exactly how it turned out.  She didn't consider that if she stretched herself a little, took a chance and put herself and her knowledge out there, she may learn exactly how much she knows.


My responsibility in all this was to create the space for her to explore that knowledge.  Some gentle words, a few "nice jobs" and discussion built her confidence as we talked.   Now a dormant skill has be awakened.


We know more than we think - we just have to have a little bit of courage to bring that information from the depths of us to the forefront.  


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