Weathering the Storm

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 Under: Articles
I am born and bred in Boston.  It's my favorite place to be and, while I love to travel, I always love to see the dirty water of the Boston Harbor when I fly home.  
As you might know, we currently are getting pummeled by Mother Nature.  Currently, we have gotten more snow than we got in the historic storm of the Blizzard of '78.  More is due to come - two more storms are in the forecast in less than a week.
The snow makes us grumpy.  It's cold, we have to shovel, it makes us wet and soggy and then we deal with the aftermath of terrible traffic.  We also have to deal with huge snowbanks, which are great for kids but not so much for adults, especially ones that are only five feet. (Yeah, that's me.)
One of the many ways we cope in Boston is to say we love a change of season.  We definitely experience that here.   Right now, it's 15 degrees with a "real feel" of 7 degrees.  I'm pretty sure our summer did have some days that felt like we were in the high 90s.  We have beautiful fall seasons with gorgeous foliage and we stuff ourselves with anything flavored Pumpkin.  And the Spring?  Can't beat the Public Gardens and Swan Boats - then we know we're in the swing of Spring.
We swing wildy with weather and most people who live here figure out how to at the very least tolerate it.  Many actually like it.  One of my favorite phrases living here is "Don't like the weather?  Wait five minutes, It'll change."
Cycles, seasons - we experience that in our own lives.  Times when it gets really hot, times when it gets really cold; times where we need to nest and times when we need to be out and about.  There are always storms we have to deal with or even shovel out of in order to see the ground.  
Storms don't last forever, even though it seems like there is no end.  Right now, we can only see the white snowbanks that are burying us.  But we always find a way out.  The sun will eventually melt the snow, transforming us back to warmth.
When we deal with these cycles, we have to remember that we are just in the middle of what it is right now.  It changes, whether we want it to or not.  We can't escape what Mother Nature (or the Spirits) bring to us.  What we do with it, how we handle it, this is what gets us through.

The biggest thing to remember is that we can weather it.  We are prepared.  And even if we think it's never going to end be reassured that it does.  Our seasons are always changing.  All we have to do is hold on.  We'll see the sun again.

If you're weathering the storms in Boston, stay strong and know it will pass.  And if you're in warmer climates, send some  heat and Sun our way, will you?  And for all of us, let's hold on when those times come that aren't the best weather because at some point, it will be a perfect day outside and inside.

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