What's Going On In There?

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Have you ever wondered what your purpose is?  Why am I here?  Well, a lot of that information is with you.  No one can tell you - you have to be connected with what's going on within you to bring it out.

With all the choices you've made, and all the sadness and joys you've felt, with all the craziness and calm, somewhere inside you, there are goals and dreams just waiting to be realized.

Know what with each choice you make lessons can be learned and challenges can be overcome.  A clear plan will help you do this.  And if you're not sure how to make a plan, ask for help.  You'd be amazed at the wisdom at your fingertips from those around you.

There are going to be those out there that try to stop you, discourage you, tell you your wrong, talk about "what's in your best interest."  This is why it's important for you to trust and believe in yourself. 

Create things to remind you of your goals - Jim Carrey once wrote a million dollar check to himself and carried it in his wallet.  The more you see a physical reminder of your goals, the more you'll be reminded that it's something you want.  You'll be inspired to work towards them.  Write out what you want - carry it with you or place it in a place you can see it all the time.

Have some patience.   These goals will not be reached overnight.  Yes, we are all into instant gratification but it's usually not the case.  That's why every thought, every choice, ever contact and every step gets you closer.  You may even fail and not just once.  But those failures teach you lessons and take you a step closer to success.

Believe that it's possible - because it is.  But only you can make it happen.  Yes, others can help, but really, it's you.  So take a step - and get the ball rolling!

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