Which Voice Do I Listen To?

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 Under: Articles

I am really blessed to have moments where I get an idea and then the possibilities start rushing through.  I wrote something recently that inspired me to start working on a coaching program to offer in 2011.  Off I go, generating all kinds of ideas and tasks to create this program.

While I'm in the frenzy of working, getting really excited at how the program is becoming a structure I can work in, thinking of documents to go with it, exercises, etc., all of a sudden, I hear this small voice inside me say, "What if you fail?"

I paused.  This hadn't even crossed my mind for the past hour and a half.  The voice was very clear.  I tried to ignore it by continuing to work.

Then I hear it again.  "What if you fail?"

For the first time, I noticed the change in my body.  My adrenaline kicked in hard - my heart started to pound and my stomach was in knots.  It was like my body was reacting to a threat; I felt like I was in "fight or flight" mode, over one question.

I took a moment to consider it.  What if I failed?  What if I created this wonderful program and no one wanted to take advantage of it?  What if it didn't produce results?  What if, what if, what if...all these thoughts started to come through.  My pen was down and I was deep in thought.

Then I got mad because this one little question was trying to derail my vision.  That little voice was trying to protect me from failure, embarrassment, hurt - all those things I don't like to deal with in my life.  However, it was stopping me in my tracks and I couldn't allow that.

I said outloud, "Well, if I fail then I'll pick up and do something different.  I've done that because I'll had failure before and I just move on.  But this is too important to me..and little voice...you need to SHUT UP.  I don't know where you're coming from but go back there."

I then took a deep breath.  My body started to settle and relax.  The voice quieted and I continued to work.

It was amazing to me that in the midst of my work, that voice showed up and I was literally scared.  It put fear in me, it made me pause.  Then I considered if I had really stayed in that fear, I probably would have stopped working on my coaching program project and lost momentum.

The little voice really is trying to help. Its intentions are good but it's not serving your purpose.  The next time you hear it, check in.  Is this a real voice?  Are you worried, scared, fearful now?  How is this serving your purpose and your mission?

If it isn't, then it's time to tell it to quiet down and take the chance.  Don't throw caution completely to the wind but don't be derailed from the mission.  Tell that negative voice to be quiet over and over and over again until it shuts up. 

If you have a positive voice inside or guidance, let it encourage you.  You can tell the difference by what the voice is saying to you.  In other words, are you being encouraged?  Are there possibilities presented?  Opportunities generated?  This is the voice you want to turn the volume up on.

If the voice is discouraging, causing fear to rise, upsetting you, doing things to pull you off track, then tell it to be quiet.  If that isn't working, bombard it with positive thoughts and it has no choice to be quiet. 

It may take some practice to silence that voice but once you work at it, that voice will get quieter and quieter until it disappears.  Imagine then what you can accomplish without doubt and fear whispering in your ear.  Make the positive voice stronger - watch what happens.

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