You're An Original

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Sunday, January 25, 2015 Under: poetry
You're an original, 
one of a kind,
made from scratch,
from just the right recipe.
You can't be duplicated,
because you're already perfect.
Others may try to 
alter what's already built
but you know that 
you have the right stuff.
Sure, it's easy to wonder
what if you did this or that
so do it...or don't.
You're an original, remember?
Whatever you do,
keeps your special,
amazing, out of this world,
a sparkling soul.
There may be moments
where you doubt, 
cry, get upset or 
wonder why but
you're still an original.
No one can break your mold,
you make a new you each day.
Enjoy being an original -
we all sure do.

In : poetry 

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