Natal Astrology Reading

 Astrology is the science of using the planets, houses and sign to determine your talents, strengths and challenges through a Natal Chart reading.  Your Natal Chart is a snapshot of where the signs, planets and houses were at the moment of your birth.

By knowing this information, you can determine karma, information about life purpose, career talents, spiritual life and much more than will give you a blueprint to navigate your life with ease.

Your reading will include:

  • A copy of your Natal Chart with transits 

  • A detailed summary of your Natal Chart (explaining what it all means - planets, signs and houses)
  • A summary of important aspects in your Natal Chart (what is helping and challenging you)
  • A summary of what is coming up for the next year
  • An interpretative reading with Mary with Q & A period
NOTE:  This is not a computer generated program report.  I sit with your chart to analyze and detail all important aspects from your birth and past then I also record and analyze all transits coming up for the next year.  This can take 6-8 hours to complete before your reading.


60 to 90-minute reading with detailed individualized report and MP3 recording included. 


Natal Astrology Reading

$ 200 USD

You must provide your exact birthdate, birthtime and birthplace for this reading.

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