Astrology is much more than knowing what your sign is when you were born.  Astrology uses a system of the signs, planets and houses to predict future patterns and events.  It also speaks to who you are as a person overall - hopes, fears, dreams as well as job, friends and love.   A New Year’s Astrology Reading can map out the year for you in the place you are most concerned about.

I’m honored to cast a chart for you in one of the following topics for the next year. You’ll receive an hour reading with recording focused in on where you are right now, what is coming up for the next year and what waves to ride to be the most successful.

Topics are:

Love - We’ll discuss relationship potential or current relationship, how you love, what you need to focus on to make your relationship successful and what you look for in a partner and how to find them.

Career -  We’ll explore where you are now in your career, where you want to go, what is the best career for you, does your job, education, passions match, how can you get there.

Life Purpose - We’ll discover what your purpose is, where you are with it right now, what you can do over the next year to get there and the challenges ahead with the strengths you have to conquer and thrive.

Past Life Lessons - We’ll reveal what from your past lives is influencing this life including relationships, family, situations and personality traits.  What did you bring in that comes easy to you this lifetime? What are the characteristics you need to develop to evolve?

Healing & Breakthroughs -  We’ll examine places you feel wounded, conflicted or challenged and how you can heal and breakthrough in your life.  There will be awareness of what you already possess to overcome and be who you want to be.

Cost:  $150, includes your chart, a full report and live reading with recording.

Important Details: Appointments are offered on a first come, first serve basis.  Prepayment required within 24 hours of booking appointment or appointment will be released and chart will not be cast.  No refunds for any reason.

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