*"Mary is an intuitive compassionate Astrologer who helped to reach a deeper understanding of myself, my inner workings, how I relate to the world around me and why. I found the session empowering and highly recommend Mary as a reader to anyone seeking clarity and guidance." Twane Ahorangi Bartlett

*"Dear Mary, My daughter and I very much appreciated your Natal Reading that we received from you recently. Your insight and patience were impressive. You took the time to go over each symbol and what they meant, and I believe through your readings, we gained some valuable insight into our lives." - Donna G.

*"Mary did my chart a month or two ago. She did a fantastic job! The indicators in my chart (i.e. career, personality, relationships) were accurate. Her “reading” mirrors the messages I receive from Spirit in circle.

In previous jobs and relationships, I was unfulfilled. I have had the longing to write and photograph for many years, but never acted on it to its full potential. She has the gift. I did not know a chart would explain 'me' with such detail. Now I know the source of 'the void'.

My chart is hanging in my cube at work. Currently, I have a great marriage. I found all of the factors that I needed in a woman (which Mary outlined in my chart). With Mary’s guidance and support, I cultivated several book ideas and re-ignited my photography. Thank you!" - Eric B.


*“Dear Mary: We would just like to say formally how much your officiating our wedding meant to us. Our wedding at the Harvard Club on September 15th was very special and we thank you for being a part of it.

From when we first met, we appreciated all your help and advice. You were such a great help in many directions. Kyle was very thankful when you were there to assist him with his vows. We looked to you for your calm approach and your open thinking. We would recommend you to any couple that is looking to include you in their wedding.

Thank you for all your help the day of the wedding. We look forward to sharing other special events in our lives - maybe a birth, or even a child's wedding down the road! Sincerely,
Jaz & Kyle C”

"Dear Rev. D'Alba, *"Thanks so much for being so easy to work with and for just being you! You were always available to answer any questions that we had through the entire wedding planning process. You made us feel so comfortable and at ease during our wedding ceremony. Your willingness to write specific details into your readings really made the event more personalized and meaningful to us; and our family. Fondly, Jacqueline & Michael M"

*"Mary officiated my wedding in 2003, when I looked for someone to officiate, I wanted a spiritual person who would be involved in the ceremony, someone who would help me make it personal and unique. Mary did just that, she is professional and genuine and helped create a ceremony that is still talked about today. Everyone was amazed at how much it reflected my husband and I and how beautifully it was done. She was patient and helpful every step of the way. When I became pregnant in 2006, We wanted the baby to have a special ceremony that would reflect our spiritual beliefs and help welcome her to the world, I immediately contacted Mary, again she put together a ceremony that was exactly what I wanted, it was stress free and she really listened to what we wanted said and done. I recommend Mary whole-heartily and look forward to working with her again with future children, she has all the attributes necessary to work with people at the most emotional and intimate times in their lives, she is patient, personable, intelligent and well-spoken, she also has a very genuine nature that shows through when she officiates. She took the time to find out about us and our needs and designed an appropriate ceremony. Her work ethic is impeccable and she was always there when I had questions or just needed to finalize the details. Mary has made the special moments in our life perfect." - Ariane T.


"I have attended five classes of Mary's and her kindness and patience always come first. She prepares for her classes bringing writings and many examples to demonstrate the topic she will discuss. Mary always brings her intuition and knowledge, which is extensive. She is a scholar and holds a vast array of information but more importantly she is an excellent conveyor of the knowledge she has. She is able to maintain a very open and positive atmosphere while teaching by using her many skills such as hypnosis and meditation.

She is an amazing psychic who can give you details that she could never have known. One time during a reading she told me my dog was very proud of his new collar. I realized later that she didn't know I had gotten him a new collar because I hadn't mentioned it. When I had bought the collar for him I had gushed over him in it. I bought it because it had little fire hydrants around it and I thought it was so funny. When I brought it home I told him how beautiful he looked in it every time I came in the door. He had told Mary about it when I asked her how he was during my reading.

Mary has done readings for my friends, family and me for many years now. I am always amazed at the things she helps me discover in her readings. She is very serious about her work and consistently comes out with things she could have never known. I rely on her input for all my larger decisions.

Sincerely, Victoria P."


*”My biggest personal struggle has always been weight loss. Mary has hypnotized me about 7 or 8 times now. It's not necessarily the weight loss, although I've lost about 15 pound that matters. It's the ability to lose my obsession with food that has been my goal. Mary goes all out, finding new ways to make this successful, knowing how difficult weight loss can be. She tries new scripts and new techniques, she is not satisfied doing the same type of hypnosis every week. She has made me tapes so that I can do this at home as well. I have gone to hypnosis for smoking and have seen many hypnotists in my life. I consider Mary to be among the best. Her voice combined with the imagery she uses has worked very well for me and I plan to continue in my treatment." – Paul R.

Life Coaching

*"Ever feel like you are running around in life chasing your tail and never getting any closer? That is how I felt when I met Mary. I just knew I wanted to help people with my psychic and mediumship gifts but money was a huge obstacle.

I am a mom and wife and our home needed two incomes. I had lost my business and I needed to get a good job in order to make those dreams a reality. I just did not know where to start and what to ask spirit for.

I had been sending my resume out for 7 months with not one phone call. Knowing in my heart that what I really wanted to do was be a medium. I was at the end of my rope. I knew I deserved better than what was coming my way.

When I confided in Mary and she said she could help, I was skeptical to say the least. What could she tell me that I didn’t already know? Pray, pray, pray and ask spirit to deliver? Well, I had already done that!

Mary helped me understand that I can send my resume out 100 times and it won’t matter. If my heart isn’t in it, I’m not going to get any job.

Mary helped me gather my thoughts and narrow down my focus. She helped me understand that it was O.K. to have to work, in order to make my dream come true and that it was O.K. to have to live my dream on a part time basis for now. I was putting way too much pressure on myself and she pointed that out. She helped me understand the difference between a job which provides a paycheck and a life purpose which provides fulfillment and healing and that they can be two separate things. She also helped me understand that I was delaying the process of receiving by not being clear about what I wanted. I was floundering about my intentions and that was confusing to spirit as well as me.

Mary helped me rewrite my resume to look more professional and then helped me decide “exactly” what I wanted.

It was magic! As soon as I set my intentions it was a matter of days and the job of my dreams was at the door.

Within one week of clearly asking spirit for what I wanted, I had an offer letter in my e-mail.

I can’t wait to work on the rest of my life!!!!" - Laurene I., Natick, MA


*"I began getting readings from Mary five years ago, and have also experienced a Reiki session with her. What is so wonderful about Mary is that she's not only very gifted, but also very open-minded, supportive and caring. Her predictions are very accurate, and her intuition is spot-on. She has a very warm and inviting energy that comes through in her readings and healing work, and this positive energy continues long after the session is over.  I always leave feeling amazing, no matter what kind of mood I was or what was weighing on my mind when I arrived.  Each time I have a session with Mary I consider it to be a blessing.  Thank you, Mary!"  Rebecca C.

*”I sought Mary for my first-ever tarot card reading just before embarking on a stressful cross-country move. Even though I'm a skeptic, I was nonetheless nervous about what I might be told. Mary's calm mannerism and clear explanations put me at ease, so I could relax as my past, present and future unfolded before me. I was especially concerned about living with (short-term) and near (long-term) my family after 20 years apart. Mary assured me that a smooth relocation and peaceful reunion with my parents were in the cards -- and she was 100 percent accurate.” - Andrea.S.

*"Wow! Very accurate and detailed reading! Her psychic and spiritual gifts are phenomenal. She really zoomed right in on my core issues and offered very healing and compassionate feedback from Spirit. She cares and goes above and beyond. I HIGHLY recommend her." - Julia B., Los Angeles

*"My name Is Brian P. [I am] a local union Iron Worker in the NJ/NY area. I am a Reiki Master Teacher/Healer and have worker 2 yrs with hospice as a volunteer. I was in a lull with my spirituality, so this reading really helped me clear up a lot of long awaited questions. The reading first went along the lines of her talking and me listening, this is where I know Mary is real accurate. I was able to tell as I offered very little info and she gave details she could not have known. (Then came the really good part-me asking questions.) She had many messages from different Angels, mostly Archangels. I would recommend Mary’s Angel Reading to all my friends. She will never know how much clarity she helped me with, I am grateful for her reading." - Brian P., New Jersey


*“Mary is a truly gifted healer. I was fortunate enough to experience Reiki a la Mary over several months during an extremely stressful period of my life (selling a condo to then move to AZ). Sessions with Mary enabled me to maintain a sense of calm and prevent injury and illness (my body's usual response to challenging circumstances) while watching sales fall through as I packed my boxes.

Thanks Mary, I made it to the land of sunshine with a smile on my face and the thrill of adventure in my heart!” - Iyanna.Y.

*”After completing my Usui Reiki Master training, I searched long and hard for an experienced Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher that was knowledgeable, reputable and that has a loving and caring soul. My search ended when I met Mary. Her serene and glowing personality immediately settled my nerves. I can honestly say that Mary D'Alba was nothing short of amazing through the whole Karuna training evolution process. She was very thorough and left nothing unexplained. I left feeling comfortable with my practice of Karuna Reiki and gained a valuable friendship in the process. I would recommend Mary to anyone looking to extend their healing practice or have a healing session done by Mary.

Light and Love,
Clinton W.
Certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master
Certified IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) (Advanced Level)
Tuning Fork Therapy”

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